How to use Google Maps on iOS 6

A new version of Google Maps has been introduced to the iOS 6 app store for the iPhone and iPad, allowing users to create and save their own “maps” and share them with other users.

Google Maps on iPhone and iOS 6 is available as an app for the Apple Watch and Android smartphones, which will be launched in early September.

The app lets users create and share their own maps and create customised versions of their own with the help of Google’s Maps API.

In the new version, Google’s API is now called “Google Maps”, allowing users access to more detailed data about their location and the weather forecast, as well as weather forecasts and maps, in a more comprehensive way.

A number of other new features are available, including the ability to share geo-location data, as long as it’s not shared with other apps.

These include a way to set up geo-fencing for certain locations, and a way for users to send weather reports, maps and even personal weather data directly to friends.

This is a major step forward for Google’s new Maps API, which has been around since the iPhone 4, and is designed to make it easier for developers to add new features to the platform.

Apple has introduced its own version of the Google Maps API for the iPad, and developers are increasingly using this to create custom-built maps for iOS.

The company’s Maps app, for example, is able to send users weather reports for specific locations, but also allows users to share weather forecasts.

The same functionality is available for Google Maps for the Google Play Store.

Apple has also announced a new iOS app called Weather in iOS 6, which enables users to control their device’s display temperature using a simple, yet intuitive interface.

Weather is similar to the current Google Maps app on iOS, which provides users with a variety of weather forecasts, and can also give users detailed information on how they will be affected by the weather in a specific area.

Users can use this app to create their own weather forecasts for their homes, cities, and even specific areas of their home or business.

Google has also added a new weather option for its own Maps API on the iPhone.

Users are also able to create maps that show the local temperature, the weather, and current temperature for a given location.

Users will also be able to use a custom weather forecast for a particular area, using the same information they would use to create a standard map.

Apple says that Weather in iPhone 6 and iOS 7 will be available to download in the next few days, but it is unclear if Apple will make the app available to all iPhone and Apple Watch users in the future.

Apple’s Maps team, which includes Google, is also working on new tools for the iOS app store, including an improved way to share location data, the ability for users not to need to log in, and better user interface for the app’s search function.

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