Canada’s first real world solar energy installation is underway

A new solar energy project is being built in the province of Quebec, where the first real-world solar energy system was installed.

The new facility is being developed by Energy-Energies Quebec (EGQ), which is one of Canada’s leading energy producers.

The company is partnering with the French-Canadian Solar Society (ESS) to build the solar power plant.

ESS is the national body representing the energy sector in Quebec.

EGS has been building solar power projects in Quebec since 2009.

“This project will provide the foundation for our company’s future growth in Quebec,” said Jean-Michel Bouchet, president and CEO of EGS.

“We believe this project will accelerate our company growth.”

The company has already installed a solar power system in the region, which has been operating for six years.

The solar power station, which is located near St. Laurent, is the second of two solar power plants planned for the province.

The other is the Energies Sun Power plant located on the banks of the St. Lawrence River in Gatineau, which will have an expected operating capacity of 5,000 megawatts.

“In Quebec, we have a lot of opportunities, and the solar energy sector is a great opportunity to build on,” said Bouchet.

“I think we are a really important market.

There are a lot more people in the world that are using solar power than electricity.

It is a global industry.”

The new solar plant is the third of its kind in Quebec, after the EGS SunPower plant on the St-Laurent River and the Egrene Solar Power Plant.

Bouchet believes Quebec is an important market for the solar industry because of its large number of rural communities.

“There is a lot to offer in terms of renewable energy and solar power,” he said.

“It is a beautiful environment.

The province is well connected, it is well situated for our industry.”

ESS president and co-founder Michel Navet said the province is an attractive location for solar power because of the proximity to Quebec City and Quebec City airport.

“When you are in Quebec City, you are close to the airport, and you can access it at all hours,” Navef said.

The project is the first of two projects that will be built on the land of the EGL Solar Power plant, which Navei said will create over 1,500 jobs.

“The first one is very important, because it is a very good project, but we are looking forward to working with the project partners to make it even better,” Nadef said, adding that the second project will have more than 300 jobs.

Development Is Supported By

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