How to help your local news site survive on its own site

Some news sites have been hit by a ransomware attack that took the lives of dozens of employees and left the sites unable to communicate with their visitors.

Key points:The ransomware is still active on the BBC News site, with only limited users able to access itThe BBC is offering a reward for anyone with a working copy of the ransomwareThe ransomware has killed the BBC’s website, with no information available on how the site survived the attack, which took place over a few daysLast week, the BBC announced a reward of $250,000 for anyone who had a working version of the malicious ransomware.

At the time, the site’s administrators said they had been working to patch the vulnerability but said they did not know how many people had been affected.

But it appears the attack may have been more extensive, with BBC News not being able to contact its users.

The BBC said it had launched a new investigation into the attack.

“We’re working to identify the cause of the incident and to understand how it affected our news coverage and what it means for our customers,” the BBC said in a statement.

It added that it would continue to work with organisations to help them prevent similar incidents from happening again.

“The BBC has an excellent reputation for its investigative reporting, which we take very seriously,” a spokesperson said.

“However, we’re also aware that in the past there have been attacks that have affected news coverage on BBC News sites, which are of critical importance to our audiences and our ability to tell stories.”

Our systems and staff are strong and are well-equipped to handle these types of attacks.

“The BBC’s online services have been in lockdown since last week, with employees locked out of their computers and their social media accounts.

The organisation said the ransomware had caused “significant disruption to the BBC news service” and was causing “a major disruption” to its business.

The affected websites were:BBC News siteThe BBC News website is unaffected.

The website is still operating, however, and users are able to continue to read and follow the news.BBC News’ website was also unable to display news alerts on mobile devices due to the attack which left its visitors unable to access their news.

BBC News said the site was operating normally and was not affected.

The news site was also unavailable for comment, as were several of the BBC websites and services, including the BBC iPlayer, BBC News app and BBC News YouTube channel.

In the past, ransomware has hit the BBC in the US and the UK.

The attacks are a major blow for the BBC, which is widely viewed as one of the most trusted news organisations in the world.

Its staff have been working tirelessly to get it back online and are offering a $250k reward for any news organisation that has a working ransomware version.

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