‘I can’t believe I’m still alive’: Man who survived being thrown into water says he wants to help others

A man who survived a fiery crash in northern Australia said he wants the Australian government to take action to reduce the number of people injured in such accidents.

Key points:José Vallez, who survived the fiery crash, says it’s important to keep people safe on the roadsMotorists are still allowed to drive, but people need to know they can’t be stopped in the middle of the roadMotorists can’t cross in the same lane as a pedestrianMotorists should be aware that they can still be stopped if a pedestrian crosses the roadIn December, a man was killed after he was struck by a car in the north of the state.

On Friday, he was in his home city of Brisbane, speaking to a small group of journalists.

Mr Vallek, 35, told the ABC he was happy to speak to the media but also felt the media had been slow to cover the incident.

“I was in my house and I saw the police officer coming,” he said.

“The other side of the street was like a big red line.

It’s not a very big line.

So I was in disbelief and that’s when I realized I’m not the only one.”

Mr Valleek said he was going to ask the Australian Transport Safety Bureau to launch an inquiry into the crash, as a result of the man’s death.

“That’s the only way we can help,” he told ABC radio.

“If I can see the situation change that I would like to see.”

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