‘Pathfinder’ energy provider is about to get its first major job after closing its doors in Hamilton

A regional utility is set to be the first major employer to close its doors following the closing of its energy business in Hamilton.

“We had a great run,” said Dan Hoechlin, CEO of Pathfinder Energy Group.

“We have done a great job of building a reputation with people in the community.”

Pathfinder Energy has been operating in Hamilton for more than 20 years, providing power for more a dozen of the city’s neighborhoods.

In 2017, the utility announced it would close.

The company is now preparing to shut down its power business and move its operations to the company’s former Hamilton headquarters.

In a letter to its employees, the company says it is looking to “simplify and consolidate” its operations in the city.

The letter says the transition will take approximately three months.

“Our goal is to get out of Hamilton and focus our efforts on creating the right environment for growth in our company,” Hoechi said.

Hoechli says the company expects to open a new headquarters in Winnipeg by the end of 2018.

The company will close the company website at www.pathfinderenergy.ca, which was taken down this week.

A website for employees and suppliers will remain online.

Pathfinder says the announcement was made due to “an unexpected event.”

“It’s the result of an unexpected event,” said Hoechu.

“The fact that we were able to come out of that situation and actually start a new life and be able to provide a new level of service to our customers, that was a big relief.”

Hoechu says the decision to close the energy business was “a hard one to make.”

He says Pathfinder has been trying to keep the energy industry thriving and was looking to hire a manager who could help manage the business and keep it in the local community.

“As we’ve had a number of different people come on and have come in, we’ve learned a lot about what our customers want and what our company can do for them, and what kind of opportunities we can provide,” Hoeschlin said.

He says Pathfinders customers have been extremely supportive.

“They’ve been amazing and very supportive of us, as well as a number other local businesses, including a couple that are in the market for a new energy supply,” Hueschlin added.

“That is going to help our overall growth and our ability to expand the services we offer.”

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