Trump says Iran’s president will meet with him as soon as possible

President Donald Trump said Friday he would meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in the coming days, and he hinted that he would seek to change the Iranian leader’s approach to the conflict in Syria.

“I think that we’re going to get together very soon.

We’re going get together soon.

He’s got a lot to say, and we’re getting there,” Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One as he headed to Miami.

“But right now, we’re doing things in a very limited way.

But I’m really optimistic.

We can be together very, very soon.”

The president’s comments come after the United States and its allies on Friday announced that they would begin providing weapons to Iran, in an effort to halt Tehran’s missile program that the Obama administration and other Western powers said was intended to develop a nuclear weapon.

“The United States of America and its partners are prepared to meet with Iran to seek a lasting nuclear agreement, which would bring the Iranian regime to the negotiating table and ensure that Iran is not seeking to build a nuclear bomb,” Trump said.

“Iran must recognize that it is no longer a threat to us and our partners, and it must agree to dismantle its ballistic missile program and return to compliance with its international obligations.”

The U.S. also announced that it would allow the United Nations Security Council to impose sanctions on Iranian banks and individuals that it says are involved in the missile program.

“In recent days, the international community has expressed a willingness to provide additional assistance to the United Arab Emirates in the fight against Iran’s missile programs,” a White House official said.

Iran and the United Kingdom have both said they would seek an immediate cease-fire in Syria, while the United states has said it would not extend a deadline for that.

“We will work closely with our partners to develop and implement a cease-war agreement in Syria that includes the Syrian government and the opposition, as well as the Syrian people,” Trump added.

“There’s a lot of talk right now of a humanitarian cease-run.

The world is very divided on what is going to happen in Syria.”

Trump said he would speak with Iranian leaders “very soon” and added that he had spoken to the leaders of Germany, France, and Italy.

“They’ve all said they’re going in there with me and they’re all going to work very hard,” he said.

Trump also said that he will meet Thursday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss Syria.

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