UK internet service providers have banned websites related to the UK government

The UK government has blocked websites related in some way to its policies on the UK Independence Party, including a website and a social media platform which was once owned by the party’s leader.

The UK Government has told ISPs to block the websites and remove all of the content associated with the party, but it has not ruled out other measures.

The websites blocked are the Independence Party website, the Independence party website, and a Facebook page.

The Independence party’s Facebook page was removed on Tuesday, according to the British government, and was removed again later on Wednesday, with a message reading: “Please check your Facebook for updates.

If you do not receive the message, please do not worry, it is normal.”

The party has also been banned from accessing any social media sites in the UK, according a spokesman for the British Prime Minister, Theresa May.

A spokesman for May’s office told CNN that “the UK government is taking action against these sites, and the government is not able to give an update at this stage.”

The government has also taken action against the website of the anti-EU group Stop the War Coalition.

The Stop the WAR Coalition has been described as “a major player in the anti Brexit campaign in the United Kingdom” and the coalition’s Twitter account has been banned, according the British website, Breitbart.

The group was founded by former UKIP leader Nigel Farage and its website was blocked on Tuesday.

The website of Stop the war coalition was also taken offline on Wednesday.

The government is also blocking the website and other accounts associated with Stop the Party, the government spokesperson told CNN.

In a statement, the Stop the party spokesperson said the UK Government is taking all necessary steps to protect the personal information of UK citizens, including data which is linked to the identity of UK nationals, the information being collected for the purposes of enforcing immigration controls and the identities of UK residents who are suspected of terrorism.

“We ask that the UK authorities take immediate action against Stop the Parties illegal operation, which has been widely condemned by our country’s citizens,” the Stop Party spokesperson said.

The Freedom Group, a think tank focused on the United States, has also announced plans to block websites linked to Stop the World Party, a pro-EU movement in the Netherlands.

The FG’s statement reads: The Freedom group is deeply concerned by Stop the parties activities and their illegal, anti-democratic and violent tactics, including the blocking of websites associated with them.

The British government’s actions are further evidence that the British state is not committed to protecting the rights of its citizens.

It is a disgrace that the FG is not willing to stand up for its citizens’ rights.

The freedom of speech and freedom of expression must always be protected.

As a European nation, the F G is committed to standing up for our citizens’ right to express themselves and freedom to organise in their own way.

The EU and the UK have had a number of contentious debates about the relationship between Brexit and the European Union, and some have called for the creation of a new political union within the bloc.

We have always condemned the actions and activities of extremist parties and groups.””

There is no place for extremism on our streets or in our political process.

We have always condemned the actions and activities of extremist parties and groups.”

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