Indonesian government says it will open up land to tourism, build dam, create jobs

Indonesian President Joko Widodo said on Friday that his government will open the Banda Aceh region to tourism and build dams to provide jobs and income for the region’s people.

“We will also open up Banda Ampatuan to tourists.

And we will build a dam in the Banten district to build a new river.

And it will generate a lot of jobs in this region,” Widodo told reporters.

According to a report from the Indonesian news agency Yeni Safak, Widodo also said the Indonesian government will create jobs in the region, including in the construction sector.

“I have asked all of the ministries to put forward their plans for this area, and all of them are ready to cooperate with me to implement them.

I will also work hard on this,” Widodan said.”

The Banda region will be a special place in the history of Indonesia, and the region will become a part of Indonesia’s identity.

Indonesia will have the potential to become a hub of the world economy,” he added.

Earlier in May, Widodan announced that his administration had received more than $6 billion in aid, a record sum for the country.

The announcement comes at a time when Widodo is under international pressure to take a more active role in tackling climate change.

Last week, he announced plans to double Indonesia’s coal exports, from 2 million tonnes to 3 million tonnes a year.

Widodo has also pledged to raise the minimum wage in the Aceh province to $30 a month.

The government’s development of the Bambara Peninsula has also received international attention, with the World Bank estimating that $1.5 billion would be required to build the area’s dams.

In a bid to improve economic prospects in the area, Widodos administration also announced a major investment in the development of Bantu, a region of about 50,000 people.

The region has been the scene of a brutal civil war between the Muslim minority and the majority Christian majority, which has claimed at least 3 million lives.

Development Is Supported By

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