Queensland Premier says Premier Campbell Newman ‘s comments about gay people ‘unacceptable’

The Premier has said he “completely disagrees” with comments made by Queensland Premier Campbell Newmendel on the issue of gay people in his state.

Key points:Queensland Premier Campbell says “absolutely unacceptable” comments about gaysThe Premier has defended his comments on gay peopleThe Opposition Leader has asked Premier Newman to apologizeThe Queensland Government has been criticised for saying it would not change its law, and its premier has been quick to attack his Opposition leader, John Robertson.

Mr Newman said on Tuesday his comments were not meant to be an attack on Mr Robertson but to highlight the need for “a fair go”.

“The comments made yesterday were not intended to attack anyone but rather to highlight some of the issues facing Queensland and the need to have a fair go for everyone in our society,” Mr Newman said.

“The Premier is absolutely 100 per cent clear that this is unacceptable and I totally disagree with his comments.”

Queenslanders Premier Campbell John Newman on Wednesday described comments made about gay men by his colleague as “unacceptable”.

“I completely disagree with the comments that are being made about me and that I have to respond to,” Mr Newmindel said in a statement.

“I would like to reassure everyone that I completely disagree and I will not tolerate such comments in the future.”

It’s not OK for anyone to treat others in a way that’s different from their own.

“We should be all for the same basic rights and we should be able to live our lives in a safe and secure environment.”

Mr Newman has been a vocal opponent of same-sex marriage, saying in the past he would “probably go through hell” if he were to lose his job.

But he has said his comments about same-gender relationships were meant to highlight how they were not welcomed.

“In terms of my view, I think that’s absolutely unacceptable,” Mr Griffiths said on Wednesday.

“This is about the right to love who you want to love, it’s not about sexual orientation.”

And the idea that the gay community can’t be welcome in our community because of their sexual orientation is absolutely not OK.

“Queans premier Campbell Newman has said Mr Robertson’s comments were “unfair”.

Read more about gay rights:Queans Premier Campbell Johnston has criticised the Premier for his comments, saying they were “very unhelpful”.”

What the Premier is saying is that it’s a sin to be gay,” Mr Johnston said.

The Opposition leader has also questioned why Mr Newman was able to get away with such comments.”

Mr Robertson, who has said it is not his personal opinion, has previously said he would be willing to stand for election if he was able.”

I don’t believe the Premier believes that his own personal views are going to get him away with that kind of comments.”

Mr Robertson, who has said it is not his personal opinion, has previously said he would be willing to stand for election if he was able.

The Premier says his comments are about “the right to have respect” for others.

“That’s my personal view,” he said on ABC TV.

“If the Premier and I had a disagreement, then I would stand up and say ‘I disagree with you, I would be more than happy to explain why’.”

Queenslands Premier Campbell Robertson has denied he has been forced to change his view on same-sexual relationships.

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