What is the most accurate region in the Premier League?

Updated June 08, 2018 07:08:43 The Premier League’s most accurate regions in the past 10 seasons have been revealed by BBC Sport.

In a new series of charts, BBC Sport will reveal the most successful Premier League clubs in each of the top five regions.

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The Premier Loops The Premier Leagues’ most successful clubs in the last 10 seasons.

They were: West Ham United: 2nd (2011/12) Everton: 3rd (2012/13) Tottenham Hotspur: 4th (2013/14) Leicester City: 5th (2014/15) Tottenham: 6th (2015/16) West Ham: 7th (2016/17) Manchester City: 8th (2017/18) Manchester United: 9th (2018/19) Newcastle United: 10th (2019/20) Stoke City: 11th (2020/21) Liverpool: 12th (2021/22) Aston Villa: 13th (2221/23) Tottenham.

The club’s Premier League success in 2011/12 was the only season in the history of the league where their league success was more than the top four in the UK and Ireland combined.

They finished fourth in the table, only one point off leaders Manchester United, but still managed to finish the season with a record winning percentage of 63.7 per cent.

The previous high for a Premier League team was 63.4 per cent achieved in the 2001/02 season.

The next-highest winning percentage in the league was 61.1 per cent in 1998/99, a record that has been broken twice this season.

West Ham also won the Premier Leopards League, winning the Championship in 2018 and the League Cup in 2017.

Their Premier League form in the 10 seasons is not all that different from that of Liverpool, who have been in the top flight for a decade.

Manchester City have had a better run in the Champions League than the other three teams, and have been on a run of three consecutive wins at home to Arsenal and Chelsea.

But they have won only two of their five games in the competition.

Spurs have only managed three wins in the League Cups.

Newcastle have only won one of their four matches in the Europa League, losing two to Fulham and then two to Southampton.

Southampton, Liverpool and Manchester City all finished in the bottom half of the Premier leagues last season.

Liverpool, Everton and Spurs are currently seventh, eighth and ninth, respectively, in the English top flight, but they are still just five points adrift of fourth place Manchester United.

This year’s Premier Leops are the first of the clubs to win the Premier Ladder and the Europa Leagues, with Everton in third and Liverpool in second.

The clubs who have won the top six spots in the Barclays Premier League: Manchester City (2nd), Tottenham Hotspurs (3rd), Liverpool (4th), Everton (5th), Newcastle United (6th), Southampton (7th), Manchester United (8th).

The clubs that have won five of the six places in the Championship: Manchester United and Manchester United 2 (both 8th).

Southampton and Everton are the only teams in the same division that have not won the Barclays Championship.

They have also failed to win either the Europa or the Barclays League in the previous season.

Everton have been crowned champions in each season of the Barclays Premiership since 2013/14.

Newcastle United and Liverpool have both been champions in the club’s last two seasons, and won the title in 2010/11 and 2011/08 respectively.

The teams who have failed to make the top 10: Manchester Utd (10th), Aston Villa (12th), Stoke City (14th), West Ham (15th), Liverpool and Southampton (16th).

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