Why you should pay attention to the Northeast’s web traffic

New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and other northeastern states were among the top three regions with the highest number of websites down on Wednesday.

The Northeast, with more than 2.5 million visitors per day, was ranked No. 3, according to a study by the firm comScore.

The highest numbers of websites were found in Pennsylvania, which had more than 575,000 websites down for an average of more than six days.

The comScore study showed the Northeast had the highest percentage of websites in the worst condition.

That’s compared to the Midwest, which saw the lowest percentage of sites in the condition.

It is not yet clear if the Northeast is experiencing a surge in visitors, as in the Midwest and Midwest states, or if it is simply a case of a bad day.

But a bad storm can have a devastating effect on a region’s economy, said Rob Miller, comScore’s vice president of web performance.

For example, if a visitor to a website goes offline for a few hours and then comes back and goes back again, that’s a big deal, Miller said.

If a visitor comes in to visit a company and they have to go back and pay a fee, that could be a real issue.

The Northeast is a critical region for the American economy because it accounts for roughly a third of all visits to the U.S. The region also has a large amount of American jobs and commerce, and the region’s proximity to Europe makes it attractive to foreign companies.

However, comForce reported that the Northeast experienced the worst web traffic on Wednesday due to a number of factors, including the severe weather that hit the region in late August and early September.

Many businesses and consumers across the region are using a variety of online services to get around the disruption.

The comScore data also showed that a majority of sites were still online in the northeast region, despite the fact that the number of visitors in the region decreased significantly.

The comForce report said that comScore has been monitoring the impact of severe weather events in the Northeast for more than a decade.

But in the last four years, the company said, the region has experienced a number a more severe storm, flood and storm surge than in any previous decade.

ComForce said that in 2018, the number and severity of severe storms in the United States dropped by more than 50 percent, and in 2019, the total number of severe storm events dropped by 70 percent.

In 2021, the severity of storms in that decade fell by nearly 70 percent, according the report.

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