When America is a country you’re afraid of

BNP leader Nick Griffin says the country he has spent most of his life in is now in a state of “shock”.

“What’s happening is so far beyond what you can imagine, you can’t even imagine how bad it is,” Mr Griffin said.

“When you think about the world we live in, the United States is not just a country; it’s a country that is a part of the world.”

Mr Griffin said the US had become the country most fearful of.

“You’ve got people in Washington who are trying to impose their own policies and agendas on this country, but the reality is that there are millions of Americans who are living in fear that the country is in a terrible state,” he said.

The BNP’s chief executive has previously said the country was in a “very dangerous state”.

“We are at a point in history where we’ve had to make the difficult choice between democracy and fascism,” Mr Griffiths said in August.

“We have to do it or we will not be a country.”

Mr Griffiths was speaking during a forum hosted by the Atlantic Council’s Asia Policy think tank.

The event was part of a yearlong programme called “The Global War on Terrorism”.

Mr Griffin has described America’s “state of fear” as “totally unsustainable”.

“The country is so frightened and so traumatised by terrorism, that there is no longer any chance of getting on with our lives and trying to live a normal life,” he told the Atlantic council.

“And if you are not prepared to do that, then you’re in a position where there is a very serious danger of a global war.”

The event featured Mr Griffin and Mr Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr, who was also in attendance.

Mr Trump Jr said that while the country’s fear of terrorism was “very real”, it was not the primary reason for the war on terror.

“America is not a country which is a sanctuary,” Mr Trump Jr told the forum.

“The fact that we’re a country with a strong border and an open, free and democratic society is not the main reason why we’re in this mess.”


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