Why the Eastern Region is being threatened

Drogheda: Ireland has warned of a “significant” threat to its eastern region as the threat level for the Irish republic increased to the highest level in its history.

The European Commission has said it would look at whether the region should be included in the EU’s Common Travel Area.

“We will consider the assessment of the ECs advice and will decide on the appropriate approach if there is any further escalation,” Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan said on Tuesday.

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, warned the threat could “be felt for weeks, not months”.

The region has been the focus of intense border policing since Brexit, with the Irish Government having recently agreed to create an EU Border Force unit to provide extra security to the border between the Republic and Northern Ireland.

The Irish Government is also planning to deploy extra Border Force officers to the area in order to protect the Republic’s southern border.

A senior Irish Government source said the threat posed by the Irish Republic’s Northern Ireland has been “totally ignored” by the EU.

“The threat to the Irish region is serious and serious,” the source said.

“It is not a question of what the EU is doing, it is a question for the Government.

The Government will continue to engage with the EU in order for this region to be protected and it will take all necessary measures to ensure that that happens.”

The threat level is one of the highest in the EC’s history and the Commission said the Irish government’s proposals for a Border Force will be assessed in due course.

The Irish Government has also announced that it will be providing a security detail of about 40,000 personnel in Northern Ireland and the Irish border to the Northern Ireland Office, and that the number of border posts will be increased.

The Dublin Agreement in the Republic is set to expire on June 30 and it is understood that both sides are currently working to secure new agreements in the coming weeks.

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