Canada’s Halton region to get $2.4 billion for schools, schools and community centre

Canada’s halton region will get more than $2 billion for its schools, community centres and schools over the next decade, with the province’s Liberal government saying the investment will be in keeping with a provincewide plan to boost spending.

Premier Kathleen Wynne said the provincial government will spend about $1 billion on new schools over five years and another $500 million over five decades, adding the money will come from a provincial funding formula for public schools that the government says is fair to parents.

The new funding will be allocated in two categories, she said in a statement on Monday.

“The first category is dedicated for new public schools and the second category will be dedicated for the construction of new schools and school facilities,” she said.

“This is a good investment in a good region.

We’re investing in the health of our province and the health and well-being of our communities.”

The announcement comes after Premier Kathleen Wynne and other provincial leaders pledged a new round of infrastructure spending in a speech to students in the region on Sunday, pledging $500 billion over five-year budgets to improve schools, health and schools.

Wynne said the money would help “keep our students in school, our businesses thriving and our communities healthy.”

Ontario has already committed $1.6 billion in new funding to schools, while the province of Quebec has pledged $3.5 billion.

Newspaper reports have suggested the money allocated in Ontario’s new funding would be used to expand schools in the northern suburbs, where the Halton regional government has had trouble recruiting staff and funding has been strained.

Earlier this year, Wynne announced $3 billion in additional spending for schools and health and education, adding that Ontario will also increase its funding for community centres, health centres and community colleges.

Canada’s other provinces are already investing heavily in their education systems.

Ontland, which has the highest per capita education spending of any province, has already announced $5 billion in funding over five and a half years.

Alberta, Quebec and Saskatchewan are also investing in their health systems.

Ontario’s government said the province is currently looking at options to provide additional funding to other parts of the province.

 The province also announced the funding, along with the provincial funding for a regional network of schools and services, would be made available to municipalities.

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