How to avoid getting arrested for shoplifting

There’s nothing wrong with stealing from a store.

But what about when your target is a local police department?

In that case, the best bet is to keep your options open.

A local police agency may offer some rewards, but most don’t.

They just want to collect a fee.

In the case of a shoplifting investigation, there are two different ways to go about it.

Either you file a complaint and hope that the local police will come to your aid, or you try to sell a product on the street without paying.

Either way, you can expect a hefty price tag, according to a new study by the University of New Hampshire.

The study, titled “Shopping with a Shoplifter: A Resource Guide to Avoiding Shoplifting Charges,” estimates that $10,000 could be saved in police charges if you filed a complaint.

For example, if you are caught shoplifting from a Target store, your charges could be as high as $12,000.

“If you have been shoplifting, you should know that you could be charged with theft,” said the report’s lead author, Robert Littman, in a press release.

“It’s important to file a theft report, as it provides valuable information that could be used to help you avoid a charge or, in some cases, to obtain a bond to prevent a felony conviction.”

You can also avoid shoplifting charges with the help of your local police, according the study.

The law enforcement agency you contact to help with your case can help you negotiate with the store owner, and the police may be willing to negotiate an early settlement for a reduced charge, Littmann said.

If you’re caught shoplifting, the local law enforcement officer can take action, like issuing a citation or asking for a search warrant, Lattman said.

Littmoses says that it’s up to the police to enforce the law and make sure that the store is not profiting off of your actions.

“The law requires police officers to protect the public by ensuring that stores are not profiteering from thefts,” Littmans report said.

You can learn more about the research study by visiting the University’s website.

Source: Mashable article

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