Marijuana arrests in the Dorset region up 14 per cent in 2017

Dorset police arrested a total of 11,200 people in 2017, the latest figures released by the Metropolitan Police Service show.

Police recorded 6,859 arrests in Dorset, a figure that has fallen since 2014.

The number of arrests in 2017 was down by 14 per of the 10-year average.

The biggest decline in arrests was in the city of Dorset and the county of Somerset, which both saw their arrests drop by 8 per cent.

Dorset’s police force said the decrease in arrests in recent years reflected the continued efforts of the police to reduce drug-related crime and improve the response times of drug-affected individuals.

The force said: “The reduction in arrests has been driven by the success of the Dons Police Service’s efforts to reduce criminal behaviour and the fact that the Dans Drugs Unit has been the subject of a number of positive drug-test results.”

There is no indication that the level of drug use in the community has increased, which is consistent with our overall view that drug use is low.

“The Dons Drug Unit has also had success in reducing cannabis-related offending, with a reduction of cannabis possession offences in the first half of 2018 of over 80 per cent.”

Drugs Minister Nick Herbert said: “Drugs offences have fallen across the country, but we can’t ignore the significant number of people who are struggling to get the support they need for the drugs they use.”

I’m proud to announce that we have taken a major step forward in the fight against drug-impaired driving and drug-taking, and the Dansk Drug Unit is a key part of that.

“This is an example of how we’re working together across the whole community to keep people safe.”

We are now making it easier for people to get support for drug misuse, which means fewer people will end up in prison.

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