State approves pot-growing facility

A marijuana grow operation in the Tri-State area was approved Tuesday for operation, according to the state Department of Agriculture and Markets.

The approval comes after a lengthy review process that included public hearings and a state hearing.

The site, at 15700 South Greenfield Road, is expected to open in the spring.

The state Department for Agriculture and Industries says the new facility will produce 1,100 square feet of indoor cannabis and 1,300 square feet outdoors.

It will have a three-barrel indoor grow system that will be designed to hold about 30,000 plants.

The facility will also have a two-barreled outdoor system.

The site, which will be the largest cultivation facility in the state, is located near the intersection of Greenfield and S.E. Greenfield roads.

It will be built on a 4-acre lot, and a building will be constructed at the site to house the facility and be accessible from both sides of the property.

The Department of Public Health will oversee the operation.

The project is estimated to cost about $2 million.

This is not the first time the Tri Cities region has approved marijuana grow facilities.

In November, the state approved the construction of a medical marijuana facility in Pender.

The new facility, called Meda’s Farm, is the largest medical marijuana operation in Washington State.

A new facility for marijuana cultivation will be added to the list of approved facilities in the District of Columbia.

The District of Colombia, where Meda has its operation, is one of a handful of states where medical marijuana is legal.

The Washington state law allows for cultivation of up to five marijuana plants per household.

Development Is Supported By

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